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UV air purification for homes and apartments of all sizes

Sanuvox residential UV air purifiers help reduce dangerous particles from the air in your home – particles that can cause allergies, respiratory illnesses and more. Many of us use filters in the ventilation systems of our homes to reduce particles in the air. Although a filter will help clean the air inside your home, the chemical and biological contaminants in the air are so small that they will easily pass through even the most efficient filters, like sand through of a tennis racket. To solve this problem, a Biopür from Sanuvox is an excellent solution.

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Residential UV Air Purifiers

Air purifiers for entire houses, apartments or large rooms

If you're looking to improve indoor air quality, this product category includes UV air purifiers designed to purify the air in your home and help reduce airborne biological and chemical contaminants.

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HVAC Evaporator Coil Cleaners

If you are looking to prevent and help reduce mold and other microbial growth on your HVAC evaporator coil, this product category includes coil cleaners designed to prevent the coil from becoming a source of poor air quality and poor odor, and also designed to reduce maintenance costs by keeping the system running at maximum efficiency.

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Residential Coil
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Some facts about indoor air

  • We catch colds, flu and respiratory illnesses inside.
  • The increase in allergies, asthma and other respiratory diseases follows the same trend as the sales of air conditioning systems.
  • Children breathe three times faster than adults and tend to absorb more biochemical contaminants.
  • The indoor air quality dilemma is alive and well… Our residential homes and commercial buildings face a host of air quality issues, trapping indoor pollutants that contribute to certain illnesses.
Air purifiers

Air purifiers

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Why do you need indoor air purification products?

To save energy, we insulate our homes and buildings better than ever. This makes it almost impossible to bring enough fresh air from outside to inside, in order to reduce the concentration of biological and chemical contaminants in our homes.
The implementation of these important energy saving measures results in a constant increase in particles circulating in the air (allergens, viruses, bacteria, molds, chemicals, volatile organic compounds, smoke and odors).
According to the EPA (the United States Environmental Protection Agency), "pollutant levels inside our homes can be up to 100 times higher than those outside"; and these same contaminants constantly circulate through the ventilation system of our homes.


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