Sanuvox Minimum Advertised Price

Effective Date: January 1, 2024


Sanuvox Technologies is committed to supporting our valued partners, maintaining the integrity of our brand, and ensuring fair competition within the market. Our Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy is designed to protect the reputation of Sanuvox Technologies and its products. All authorized resellers, distributors, and retailers are expected to adhere to the following guidelines:


Minimum Advertised Price (MAP):

  1. The MAP for all Sanuvox Technologies products will be clearly communicated to authorized partners and may be adjusted by Sanuvox Technologies at its discretion.
  2. Partners are required to advertise Sanuvox Technologies products at or above the specified MAP.
  3. The MAP will be clearly stated in the official price list provided by Sanuvox Technologies.


Advertising Guidelines:

  1. Advertised prices below the set MAP are strictly prohibited and will result in sanctions that may include, but are not limited to, termination of the partnership agreement.
  2. Advertised prices are defined as prices displayed in any form of advertising, including online platforms, print media, flyers, posters, catalogs, and any other promotional materials.



  1. Sanuvox Technologies reserves the right to offer temporary promotions and discounts, as communicated directly to authorized partners. During such periods, the MAP may not apply.
  2. In case of clearance sales, liquidation sales, or other extraordinary circumstances, where products are marked for discontinuation or clearance, the MAP may be suspended. Sanuvox Technologies will communicate this to partners directly.


Online Marketplaces and Auction Websites:

  1. Adherence to the MAP policy applies to all sales channels, including online marketplaces and auction websites.
  2. The MAP must be maintained on the main page or primary landing page, and any subsequent pages displaying Sanuvox Technologies products.


Monitoring and Enforcement:

  1. Sanuvox Technologies reserves the right to monitor advertised prices of its products and may take action against any partner found violating the MAP policy.
  2. Sanctions for non-compliance may include, but are not limited to, the suspension of product supply, termination of the partnership, or other appropriate measures.


Policy Changes:

  1. Sanuvox Technologies reserves the right to update, modify, or change this MAP policy at its discretion. Notification of any alterations will be communicated in writing to authorized partners.


Sanuvox Technologies is committed to fostering a fair and competitive market environment for all partners. We appreciate your cooperation and adherence to this MAP policy. Violation of this policy may result in serious consequences, as outlined above.


MAP Policy Administrator
Sanuvox Technologies Inc
146 rue Barr, St-Laurent (Québec) H4T 1Y4

This MAP Policy is effective as of the date set forth above and is subject to change with notice provided by Sanuvox Technologies.

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