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The superiority of ultraviolet light 

There is no doubt, the use of ultraviolet (UV) light for air purification is the most effective way to reduce the presence of even the smallest of airborne pathogens. Filters are effective to a degree, but even HEPA filters cannot stop all particles under 0.3 microns. A UV air purifier will break down the majority of tiny molds, viruses and bacteria that simply pass through most air filters alone. 


Neutralize bio-contaminants with no residuals 

Unlike chemical solutions, which leave behind a variety of residuals after use, ultraviolet light purifiers will break-down airborne contaminants cleanly without the build-up of odor or waste. 


Ultra-sustainable and effective 

UV air cleaning systems eliminate the propagation of airborne viruses and bacteria in a highly efficient manner. Little energy is required for effective results.


Sanuvox supports our HVAC Engineers 

While highly effective in ensuring indoor air quality, a UV air purifier requires an appropriate plan given the specs of the space to treat, the volume of air to be treated and the HVAC system in place. 

As an HVAC professional looking to implement a UV light air purifier in your next project, you can count on Sanuvox’s team of in-house engineers and professionals to guide you through the selection of the optimal UV air cleaner, as well as the design process for the UV solution best suited for each project’s needs. 


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