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To Revolutionize Air Disinfection Solutions!

Sanuvox Partners with Terra Universal

We're thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between Sanuvox Technologies and Terra Universal, aimed at delivering unparalleled air disinfection solutions to our mutual customers. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our shared commitment to enhancing air quality across various industries, particularly in healthcare, life sciences, medical devices, semiconductor, and aerospace sectors.

Manufacturing Solutions for High Tech

Terra Universal, renowned as a leading cleanroom manufacturer based in Southern California, annually produces approximately 700 rooms, meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. With an expansive 800,000 square foot campus in Fullerton, Terra Universal manufactures all cleanroom components in-house, including framing systems, air handling units, and HEPA filtration systems, alongside an extensive range of ISO-rated furniture and storage solutions.

“The genesis of our partnership stems from Terra Universal's dedication to reducing the bio-burden within their cleanrooms. While their standard rooms already boast HEPA-filtered air circulation, integrating Sanuvox's cutting-edge UV air sanitizers into our cleanroom air handling systems will further ensure that microbial levels remain effectively limited.”, mentions Evan Messenger, Director of Business Development for Terra Universal.

To Revolutionize Air Disinfection Solutions!

A Proactive Approach

Terra Universal will have a dedicated page on their website, offering comprehensive information about our innovative air purifiers and seamless access to quote requests. You can explore the page here: Sanuvair Air Purifiers by Sanuvox

In the coming month, TerraUniversal will integrate Sanuvox products into their digital marketing campaigns, leveraging email and social media channels to highlight the transformative impact of our partnership.

Moreover, Terra Universal's proactive sales team is already engaging in conversations with customers, showcasing the benefits of Sanuvox's solutions. They anticipate cultivating numerous new leads in the upcoming month, driven by our shared commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

At Sanuvox, we're dedicated to pioneering advancements in air disinfection technology, and our partnership with Terra Universal exemplifies our unwavering commitment to excellence. Together, we're poised to redefine standards in air quality management and empower industries worldwide with cleaner, safer environments. We're excited about the journey ahead and the positive impact we'll create together.

To Revolutionize Air Disinfection Solutions!

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