New Scientific Liaison

Announcing Julien Renaud's new role as Scientific Liaison at Sanuvox

We are thrilled to announce a significant change within our team at Sanuvox. Julien Renaud has transitioned into a new role as our Scientific Liaison, effective immediately. This change highlights Julien’s extensive knowledge in UV systems, a critical asset to our company’s ongoing innovation and leadership in the field of UV disinfection technology.

Julien's New Responsibilities

In his new role, Julien will be at the forefront of several key initiatives, contributing his vast technical expertise to drive Sanuvox's success. Julien's main responsibilities include:

Scientific Support

  • Providing technical advice and best practices to stakeholders.
  • Acting as the primary point of contact for the sales team and clients, addressing product and technical issues.

Content Creation and Campaign Support

  • Preparing technical content for communication and marketing events.

Industry and Regulatory Liaison

  • Establishing connections with company-related associations and government bodies.
  • Leading regulatory submissions, ensuring compliance, and providing regular updates on progress.

Educational Initiatives

  • Preparing and delivering technical training for customers and new employees.
  • Conducting webinars to reinforce Sanuvox's position as a leader in UV disinfection.

Research and Development

  • Undertaking projects to advance Sanuvox technology and enhance brand awareness.
  • Monitoring technological trends and industry innovations, sharing insights with relevant parties.
Headshot of Julien

Strong technical knowledge

Julien’s technical acumen and his ability to communicate complex scientific concepts clearly and effectively make him the perfect fit for this role. His proficiency in both French and English ensures he can effectively engage with a broad audience, further enhancing Sanuvox’s reach and impact.

Julien’s strengths lie in his profound understanding of UV systems. With a background in science and years of experience with Sanuvox, Julien combines his technical expertise skills, making him an excellent presenter and technical writer. His attention to detail, and professional ethics ensure that all scientific and follow-up data are meticulously documented and communicated.

We are confident that Julien will excel in his new role and contribute significantly to our mission of advancing UV disinfection technology. Please join us in congratulating Julien Renaud on his new position as Scientific Liaison at Sanuvox.

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