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Helps reduce bacteria, viruses and mold that pollute homes with each cycle of recirculation of the HRV/ERV unit. Using the Sanuvox patented process, this unit is designed to fit into the air exchanger and help reduce the bio-contaminants that circulate in the house.

An affordable solution for those who do not have a central ventilation system.


Not currently available in Canada

UV 'J' Lamp False UV 'J' Lamp
In-duct Installation False In-duct Installation
Helps reduce germs False Helps reduce germs
Purifies up to True Purifies up to 4,000 ft²


  • Helps protect from airborne germs
  • Helps alleviate allergies and flu symptoms
  • Helps control asthma symptoms
  • Sleep better
  • Simple installation and easy maintenance
  • Patented process including High-Intensity 19mm Quartz UV 'J' Lamp
  • Available in 6" and 8" diameter
  • 25W or 40W UV lamp
  • 12" or 15" aluminum tube length
  • 110V power cord with grounding
  • 4-bolt access door and external LED for lamp and ballast
  • Lamp: 3 years
  • Ballast: 3 years

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After installing the R1r, we notice the air quality in our home improved immediately. Our asthmatic cat's symptoms have lessened, and we're excited about the long-term benefits for our animals and our kids.

A. Roth

I recently purchased a portable purifier from Sanuvox for my home, a house in which the central air filtration system could not be installed. What efficiency! Some small odors tended to remain despite daily ventilation and this device after about ten hours completely eliminated them. It is very practical, easily transported, takes up little space, makes a discreet noise. I highly recommend it.

Celine T. - Montreal, Qc

I wanted to thank you for the air purifier from Sanuvox. Since we have it, we breathe much better at home, especially with a newborn.

Frederique P. - Longueuil, Qc

I can attest to my experience with your products and how much it has changed the allergies of my grandson, who no longer has recurrent bronchitis since we installed an SR+ from Sanuvox.

Sylvain R. - Montreal, Qc

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