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Modularity as a design principle

Sanuvair® M8

Our most adaptable solution yet

Introducing the Sanuvair® M8, a cutting-edge portable and adaptable UV purification solution designed to revolutionize your air quality. At its core, the M8 offers a powerful and scientifically proven base unit that sets the foundation for a personalized air purification experience.

The modular design allows you to tailor the unit to your specific needs. Enhance its functionality with a range of versatile accessories, including a duct adapter for seamless integration into your HVAC system, a convenient cart for effortless mobility, a top deflector for optimized airflow, a sleek front grill for added aesthetics, and wall mounting brackets for space-saving solutions.

Helps keep students safe in schools

"Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection technologies can have an important role in making classrooms, cafeterias, hallways and other indoor spaces safe by preventing transmission of the virus that causes COVID-19."

Ultraviolet Disinfection for COVID-19 in Schools; Edward Nardell, M.D.; Salmaan Keshavjee, M.D., Ph.D.; Aaron Shakow, Ph.D. Department of Global Health and Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School.

We didn’t say it, they did.

Clean Air. For everyone. Everywhere.

Efficient in healthcare facilities

“UVC air recirculation units show very good decontamination results and remarkable economic performance, since the time between patients is significantly reduced.

Another aspect worth mentioning regarding UVC recirculation units is the fact that, by reducing the air contamination both between and during treatments, they can make the office a safer place for both patients and medical professionals.”

Manea, A.; Crisan, D.; Baciut, G.; Baciut, M.; Bran, S.; Armencea, G.; Crisan, M.; Colosi, H.; Colosi, I.; Vodnar, D.; et al. The Importance of Atmospheric Microbial Contamination Control in Dental Offices: Raised Awareness Caused by the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic. Appl. Sci. 2021, 11, 2359.

Clean air. Smart care.

Clean Air. For everyone. Everywhere.

Helps clean the air in pig farms

“Since its initial documentation in the late 1980s, porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) has been one of the most impactful diseases affecting the [USA] swine industry. (…) Given its infectivity and airborne survivability, proper treatment or decontamination of PRRSV aerosols could effectively reduce transmission (…).

The results show that UV-C (…) effectively inactivated aerosolized PRRSV ~99% (2-log) with a dose <5 mJ/cm2 for UV-C (254 nm) (…)”

Li, P.; Koziel, J.A.; Zimmerman, J.J.; Zhang, J.; Cheng, T.-Y.; Yim-Im, W.; Jenks, W.S.; Lee, M.; Chen, B.; Hoff, S.J. Mitigation of Airborne PRRSV Transmission with UV Light Treatment: Proof-of-Concept. Agriculture 2021, 11, 259.

To inactivate 99% of PRRSV, you need 5 mJ/cm2We’ll give you 6, just to be sure.

Clean Air. For everyone. Everywhere.

Helps reduce odors in garbage rooms

“The first reflex when dealing with odors is as old as the history of civilization: it starts by waving our hands around our nose and opening all the windows to ventilate the area. The idea is to ventilate the room with enough fresh air to dilute the smells below their detectable threshold concentration.

(…) The ventilation rates specified in codes and regulations are often insufficient to control odors. Furthermore, evacuation of this vitiated air turns out to be a nuisance for the neighborhood. Not only ventilation often fails to solve the problem, but it amplifies it by spreading it around.”

Brais. N., Odors removal by Ultraviolet Photo-oxidation. 2017. (unpublished, available upon request)

We've been saying it for over 25 years.

Clean Air. For everyone. Everywhere.

Helps indoor growers prevent mildew

“Increased production [of cannabis] has seen a rise in the incidence and severity of plant pathogens, causing a range of previously unreported diseases. Sustainable disease management approaches include (…) modifying environmental conditions to reduce pathogen development [and] implementing sanitation measures, (…)”

Punja ZK. Emerging diseases of Cannabis sativa and sustainable management. Pest Manag Sci. 2021 Sep;77(9):3857-3870. doi: 10.1002/ps.6307. Epub 2021 Feb 27. PMID: 33527549; PMCID: PMC8451794.

Less of the bad, more of the good stuff.

Clean Air. For everyone. Everywhere.



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Backed by Scientific Innovation

The Sanuvair® M8 ensures powerful and efficient air purification, providing a healthier environment for you and those in your surroundings.

Experience the next level of air quality control with a solution that grows with you.


The Sanuvair® M8, where science meets adaptability.

Clean Air. For everyone. Everywhere.

Leading Innovator

Sanuvox Technologies is the leading innovator in advanced air purification and surface disinfection systems, using state-of-the-art technology to harness the power of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI). We provide unparalleled solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications for continuously safer environments.

Scientific Credibility

Since our inception in 1995, we have fostered a culture of innovation to produce the most effective air purification systems on the market. Additionally, our multiple patents and decades of scientific and engineering advancement demonstrate our commitment to excellence.

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