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Medical UV Purifiers

UV Purification for Clinics and Hospital Settings

The leader in medical grade air Purification

Sanuvox Technologies is the North American leader in hospital UV purification. Our ultraviolet purification systems are designed for maximum efficiency in healthcare establishments.

We offer several products that help reduce Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) in hospitals and healthcare institutions. Ultraviolet air and surface purification systems have been used by the medical industry for more than 50 years.

With the advent of high efficiency UV lamp systems, it is now possible to help reduce air and surfaces bioburden.

Moreover, studies show that Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) cost the healthcare industry 30 to 40 billion dollars annually and are now considered a preventable injury.

Tested and proven medical UV technology

Our patented, high-performance, yet affordable medical-grade air purification systems maximize UV lamp contact time in order to help reduce airborne bioburden. The benefits of UV technology have been tested by independent agencies, universities and laboratories around the world.

The sun and UV rays

UV rays (ultraviolets) emitted from the sun damages nucleic acids (DNA/RNA) of bio-contaminants in the atmosphere, which inactivates them. Sanuvox UV air and surface purification systems create the same wavelengths as the UV rays of the sun, bringing this natural process indoors to healthcare institutions.

The benefits of MEDICAL UV air AND SURFACE purification systems

  • Helps reduce Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI)
  • Decreased likelihood of cross contamination
  • Reduces risk of liability
  • Reduces length of hospital stays
  • Improves indoor air quality, helps protect hospital staff and patients
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Safe, eco-friendly and affordable

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