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Residential UV Air Purifiers

Sanuvox residential UV air purification systems help reduce hazardous particles from your home’s air that can cause allergies, respiratory illnesses and more.

Residential air purification systems


  • Cold, flu and respiratory illness are contracted indoors.
  • The growth of allergies, asthma and other respiratory illnesses follows the same trend as sales of A/C systems.
  • Children breathe 3 times faster and tend to absorb more bio-chemical contaminants than adults.
  • The IAQ dilemma is alive and well… Our residential homes and commercial buildings face a myriad of IAQ issues trapping indoor pollutants that contribute to illness.

Why Do You Need a Residential Air Purification System?

We seal our homes and buildings tightly to save energy when heating or cooling. A major downside to this is being unable to bring enough fresh air inside to lower the concentration of biological and chemical contaminants within our homes.
As a result of implementing these important energy and money saving measures, airborne particles (allergens, viruses, spores, pollens, bacteria, mold, chemicals, VOCs, fumes and odors) are constantly rising. According to the EPA (The American  Environmental Protection Agency), “indoor levels of pollutants inside the home may be up to 100 times higher than outdoor levels” and these pollutants continually circulate throughout the home’s ventilation system.

A Filter Is Not An Air Purifier

Many of us use filters in our home’s ventilation system to remove harmful particles from the air. Although a filter will help clean the air inside your home, airborne biological and chemical contaminants are so fine that they will pass through even the most efficient filters, such as sand in a tennis racket. In these cases, a portable UV air purifier becomes an excellent  solution.

The Sun and UV Rays

The sun projects UV ( ultraviolet) rays with specific wavelengths that destroy and deactivate contaminants that are in the atmosphere. Just like the UVC and UVV rays of the sun, Sanuvox’s residential UV air purifier systems produce the same wavelengths, bringing the same natural process inside homes and residential buildings. Sanuvox systems, installed inside a ventilation duct, continually destroy contaminants as they travel through our homes in order to help reduce the indoor air viral load, becoming a true whole-home air purification system.

The benefits of residential air purification

  • No VOCs, chemicals or ozone
  • Helps reduce odors, mold, viruses and bacteria
  • Helps improve respiratory health
  • Continuous protection against airborne pathogens
  • Helps reduce symptoms of illnesses and allergies
  • Safe, eco-friendly and affordable
  • Easy to operate and maintain

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