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The following air purifiers are equipped with this UV ‘J’ lamp:
R Max
Sanuvair® S300

Lamp warranty: 3 years

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Reviews (6)

6 reviews for UV ‘J’ LAMP

  1. Al

    Sanuvox bulbs last the longest

  2. Cindy

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    Keep up the great writing.

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  3. Ray Hegerat

    What is the guarantee the blub will not be broken in shipping?

    • Cécile Gouyon-Bourgeois

      The lamp is very well packed to avoid damage. If it’s broken, we will replace it at no cost for the customer.

  4. Ray Hegerat

    I would like to order a lamp blub #LMPHGXJ105. Do you have stock and the price of the lamp so I can order one.

  5. Corky Williams

    The ductwork installed Sanuvox R Max as well as my Sanuvox 900 portable in my bedroom saved my life from COVID.

    I’ve been meaning to write this review for some time now. My diagnosis of COVID 19 came ahead of my vaccinations, back in August of 2020. Since been triple vax’d.

    To be clear, I was hunkered down in my bedroom as I battled this horrid virus, & was fully prepared to not live. In fact I was re-writing my will in my bed. No kidding.

    Air quality is crucial. As a former asbestos worker (plus a 6-way bypass, Diabetes, low blood platelets & 3 cancer scares) it sure did look to my family & I that I may not have made it. The products from this fine firm saved me. I believe that with all my heart. And tell my customers the same!

    That’s right: I too am a Sanuvox sales man.

    We sell HVAC systems here in the Midwest & I’m putting an R-max in for 3 out of 10 of my installs. Often even more than that.

    Put me down as a happy client. These same great devices are in my rentals, my kids homes, & I travel with my portable & use it in motel rooms. So I can breathe!

  6. Corky Williams

    Hopefully my kind & well written review wasn’t erased by this website?? Took me a lot of time & it said it was submitted?

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