Helping Reduce Odors in Waste Rooms


Garbage Room Odor Reduction Unit

Ideal for buildings that struggle with unpleasant odors produced in their trash, recycling or compost room.

The hydroxyl technology by UV photolysis helps reduce odors associated with garbage, and thus also reduces the presence of insects and flies in the room.

Compact and efficient, the Sanuvair® S600 can be installed in less than 30 minutes.

⚠ Unavailable for sale in Canada. ⚠

Purifies up to 7,000 cu.ft.
UV 'U' Lamp
Installation: Stand-alone (on a wall)
Helps reduce germs
  • Helps reduce heavy trash and compost odors
  • Increases comfort of workers
  • Helps reduce insects and flies in the garbage room
  • Helps reduce mold, virus, bacteria

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