For Pure & Smoke Free Air


Smoke Removal Unit

Ideal for bars, smoking rooms, casinos, game rooms, cannabis smoke shops, and cigar rooms, where a reduction of smoke is required or recommended.

The Sanuvair® S300 VOC is designed to reduce smoke build up by continuously pulling air through a UV chamber for photo-oxidation. The controller automatically cycles a secondary lamp on and off to actively treat the build up or reduction of smoke.

Purifies up to: 3,000 cu.ft.
UV 'J' Lamp
Installation: Stand-alone
Installation: Added ducts
Reduction of odors and chemical contaminants
Reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

UV purification unit for an effective solution against smoke
• Eliminates smoke and offensive odors
• Improves air quality
• Purifies up to 300 cu.ft. per minute

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