Fight Strong and Persistent Odors


Automated Garbage Odor Reduction Unit

Ideal for buildings that struggle with foul and lingering odors produced by garbage rooms.

The Sanuvair® S300 OZD is designed to help continuously reduce odors by drawing air through a UV chamber, preventing the growth of harmful bacteria and neutralizing unpleasant odors emanating from putrefaction.

The controller automatically turns a second lamp on and off to actively address the buildup or reduction of these odors.

⚠ Unavailable for sale in Canada. ⚠

Purifies up to: 3,000 cu.ft.
UV 'J' Lamp
Installation: Stand-alone
Installation: Added ducts
Helps reduce germs
Helps reduce odors and chemical contaminants

UV purification unit for an effective solution against odors
• Helps reduce strong and lingering odors
• Improves air quality
• Purifies up to 300 cu.ft. per minute


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