Fighting Smoke & Odors for a Cleaner Air


Air Purification System with 95% Ashrae Filter

Ideal for buildings that often struggle with smoke and its associated odors, such as garbage rooms, smokehouses, cafeterias, etc.

By recirculating the air, the unit eliminates odors and bacteria thanks to a combination of filters and UVV oxidizing and UVC germicidal lamps. A recirculation rate of 6 to 8 times per hour is recommended for this unit.

As an option, specific controllers sample the air every 70 seconds, and automatically adjust the power of the lamps to meet OSHA standards.

UV 'J' Lamp
Installation: Stand-alone
Eliminates odors and chemical contaminants
Eliminates germs
Eliminates volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
HEPA filter: Eliminates mold in the air (OPTIONAL)
Purifies up to 9,600 sq.ft.
  • Eliminates smoke and its associated odors
  • Improves air quality
  • Purifies 1,000 cubic feet per minute
  • Offers three levels of odor treatment

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