Fighting Odors for Cleaner Air


Air Purification Unit with MERV 15 Final Filter

The Sanuvair® S1000 is designed for large room air cleaning where HVAC systems are not available or accessible. This stand-alone unit purifies mold, virus, bacteria and heavy odors from the air in a room up to 15,000 cubic feet.

This unit is constructed of a lightweight aluminum case and has a three-stage purification process:

1. Air is pulled into two return ports through an aluminum reflection chamber that houses 1 to 4 dual frequency UV lamps for air purification.
2. A 2″ MERV 8 pre-filter captures the large particles.
3. A 4″ MERV 15 final filter captures 95% of 0.3 to 1 micron sized particles.

The Sanuvair® S1000 has versatile mounting options.

Purifies up to 25,000 cu.ft.
UV 'J' Lamp
Installation: Added ducts
Reduction of bio-contaminants
Reduction of odors & chemical contaminants
Reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
HEPA filter (optional)
  • Purifies airborne mold, virus and bacteria
  • Offers multiple levels of odor treatment
  • Includes fan speed of 1,000 cfm under load

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