Fighting Smoke for Cleaner Air


Smoke Reduction Unit

Ideal for bars, smoking rooms, casinos, game rooms, cannabis smoke shops, and cigar rooms, where a reduction of smoke is required or recommended.

Smoke (from cigarettes, cigars, or even cannabis) is usually composed of ash, nicotine droplets, and volatile compounds suspended in the air.

The Sanuvair® S1000 VOC is a larger version of Sanuvair® S300 VOC, and is also designed to help reduce smoke build up by continuously pulling air through a UV chamber for photo-oxidation. The controller automatically cycles a secondary lamp on and off to actively treat the build up or reduction of smoke.

The ash will be captured on the filters, the nicotine droplets will be dried by UV and the volatile compounds will be broken down and rendered harmless during the process.

Purifies up to: 10,000 cu.ft.
UV 'J' Lamp
Installation: Added ducts
Reduction of bio-contaminants
Reduction of odors and chemical contaminants
Reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

UV purification unit for an effective solution against smoke
• Helps reduce smoke and offensive odors
• Improves air quality
• Purifies up to 992 cu.ft. per minute

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