Twice the power against pathogens!


Air Purification Unit with HEPA Filter and 2 Powerful Lamps

The Sanuvair® S1000 CRO is a larger version of the Sanuvair® S300 CRO, and is also designed to provide the highest level of air purification and particulate capture of any stand-alone or wall-mounted unit available.

Designed for chemical and testing labs, white rooms, production facilities, or cold room storage, each unit is equipped with high intensity UV lamps enclosed in an aluminum chamber for the highest air purification possible, combined with a HEPA final filter to capture the smallest particulates.

Purifies up to 25,000 cu.ft.
UV 'J' lamp
Installation: Added ducts
Helps reduce germs
HEPA filter

Combined HEPA filtration system and UV purification for a complete IAQ solution in one unit

  • Improves air quality
  • Purifies up to 992 cu.ft. per minute