Maintaining Healthy Air in Offices


Air Purification Unit

Ideal for offices, cafeterias, doctor’s offices, dentist’s offices, waiting rooms, schools, daycares, hotels and elevators, the Sanuvair® S100 is a stand-alone, compact unit that is designed to help reduce airborne contaminants. This unit is effective for rooms of 500 sq.ft. and can be installed in a drop down ceiling or mounted on a wall.

The air passes a UV ‘J’ lamp installed parallel to the airflow inside an aluminum reflection chamber.

The Sanuvair® S100 is CARB certified.

Purifies up to 500 sq.ft.
UV 'J' Lamp
Installation: Ceiling-mounted
Installation: Wall-mounted
Helps reduce germs
  • Improves air quality
  • Helps reduce absenteeism rate
  • Quiet and discreet