Coil Cleaner


The Saber Pro 24V  is a coil cleaner using UV energy. The coil cleaner is designed to prevent and destroy bio-chemical contaminants. A coil with bio-film (a coating of microbial growth) acts as an adhesive, attracting dirt and coating the fins of the coil (Watch more about the topic here). This results in an odor emanating from the equipment and a loss in energy efficiency as the equipment must work harder to provide the same air temperature. The Saber Pro improves indoor air quality and otherwise your health.


The Saber Magnet is supplied with a mounting bracket, which can be mounted to the side of the coil allowing the UV Lamp to be inserted in-between or over the coil. The unit comes equipped with  a ballast, a UV lamp and a wireless LCD display. The UV lamp will be guaranteed 1 year and the ballast 5 years (Parts only).


The Saber Pro operates on 24 volts.

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