Disinfecting Air in Patient Rooms

S300 GX-MED2

HEPA & UV Air Disinfection Unit

Designed for nursing homes and medical clinics to improve air quality of immuno-compromised patients.

4-step air disinfection process :
1) Germicidal UV destroys bacteria, viruses and mold
2) Oxidation treats odors and chemicals
3) Pre-filtration protects the blower
4) HEPA filtration captures fine dust particles

The disinfected and highly filtered air is then distributed throughout the room.

UV 'J' Lamp
Eliminates odors and chemical contaminants
Eliminates germs
Eliminates volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
HEPA filter: Eliminates mold in the air
  • Protects immuno-compromised patients
  • Sterilizes airborne biological contaminants, including viruses and bacteria
  • Destroys chemical contaminants, odors and VOCs