Improve Air Quality in Patient Rooms

S300 MED2

HEPA & UV Air Purification Unit

Designed for nursing homes and medical clinics, to improve the air quality of immunocompromised patients.

Air purification process:

  1. UV helps reduce bacteria, viruses and mold;
  2. Pre-filtration protects the fan;
  3. Finally, HEPA filtration captures fine dust particles!

The purified and highly filtered air is then distributed throughout the room.

Disclaimer: The S300 MED2 is an ideal air purifier for hospital environments such as clinics, waiting rooms, nursing home rooms, etc. But it is by no means a medical grade device.

UV 'J' Lamp
Helps reduce germs
HEPA filter: Helps reduce mold in the air
  • Helps protect immuno-vulnerable patients
  • Helps reduce airborne biological contaminants, including viruses and bacteria