Purifying Air & Eliminating Odors


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Air Disinfection System

The Sanuvox Quattro system is designed for the disinfection of airborne mold, virus, bacteria and common odors up to a 5-ton HVAC system.

The Quattro is installed in a return or supply duct parallel to airflow for maximum exposure time and consists of four 18″ lamps, each with their own parabolic aluminum reflector.

Lamp lengths: 18 in
Installation: In-duct
Reduction of odors & chemical contaminants
  • Complements filters by disinfecting what filters do not capture
  • Protects the occupants of the building from airborne mold, virus, and bacteria
  • Effective against SARS CoV2 (COVID 19)
  • Designed specifically to each HVAC system
  • Destroys up to 99.99% of bio-contaminants in the airstream in a single pass

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