Slowing the Ripening of Stored Fruits & Vegetables


Surface Purification & Ethylene Photo-oxidation Unit

The Multi-IL Coil Clean helps reduce ethylene buildup within the food storage room to slow the ripening of fruits. Ideal for any cold room equipped with a cooling system, it is installed on the evaporator coils.

The Multi-IL Coil Clean utilizes dual UV wavelengths to purify mold, bacteria and virus, but also to oxidize any ethylene buildup within a walk-in or large cooler storing fruits and vegetables.

The ballast box is equipped with LED indicators for lamp status as well as dry contacts for any BMS remote monitoring system.

Lamp lengths: 12 to 60 in
Installation: Facing HVAC evaporator coils
Reduction of bio-contaminants
CE certification
  • Helps reduce ethylene buildup
  • Increases the lifespan of fruits and vegetables
  • Cleans the evaporator coils, reducting energy consumption
  • Chemical-free cleaning of coils
  • Helps reduce biological load within food storage cooler

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