Purificating Food Products


Food and Packaging Surface Purifier

The IL Food Safe unit helps reduce foodborne pathogens from the surface of fresh produce and food packaging with no chemical residue. It is the perfect equipment for any continuous production line before packing.

The IL Food Safe is designed to be implemented on a food conveyor system for the purification of diseases, such as E.Coli, Salmonella and Listeria on the outside of fruits, meats, breads, and food packaging.

This system incorporates Teflon coated, high intensity UVC lamps designed specifically to the conveyor width, length and speed to ensure a required log purification is achieved.

A study by the Department of Food Science and Nutrition at Laval University shows that the exposure of strawberries to artificial ultraviolet radiation would extend their shelf life by one-third.

Lamp lengths: 12 to 60 in
Installation: Over a conveyor
Reduction of bio-contaminants
CE certification
  • Purifies food preparation, processing and packaging surfaces
  • Increases the shelf life of food products
  • Chemical-free food cleaning process
  • Achieves up to 99.9999% purification

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