Mobile UV Disinfection System


UVC Germicidal Energy is effective at penetrating the cellular membrane of the microorganism causing irreparable damage to the DNA resulting in the destruction or sterilization of the microorganism.

The Sanuvox ASEPT.2X Mobile UV Disinfection System utilizes a two (2) units designed to disinfect a patient or operating room from multiple angles dramatically minimizing the shadow area that is so problematic for other UV systems. The ASEPT.2x units works together, disinfecting a conventional patient room in under 10 minutes.

No other medical UV disinfection system has the ability to treat a patient or operating room as efficiently and effectively as the Sanuvox ASEPT.2x system.


The Sanuvox ASEPT.2X as a dual system is not sold in the USA.



  • Dual unit operation guarantees most effective sterilization / terminal cleaning possible
  • Minimizes “shadow area”
  • Tested to show >99.9999% reduction of C. difficile & MRSA
  • Wireless communication with any smart device
  • Integrated Infra-Red Motion Detectors
  • Data capture records sterilization process
  • Medical grade stainless steel & aluminum
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