Automatically Disinfecting Patient Bathrooms


24/7 Automated Protection Unit Against Pathogens

The ASEPT.1X Max unit pushes the limits of surface disinfection by automatically disinfecting patient bathrooms, which are a well-known reservoir of nosocomial diseases in hospitals.

Completely automated, the ASEPT.1X Max unit includes the following safety features: infrared motion sensors (PIR) and magnetic door detector set. This allows the unit to only operate when no one is in the patient bathroom, for 5-minute disinfection cycles after each use.

ASEPT.1X Max disinfects 99.99% of contaminants such as VRE, C.difficile, MRSA and Influenza A virus, on most commonly touched areas.

Lamp lengths: 40 in
Installation: Stand-alone (on a ceiling or wall-mounted)
Helps reduce germs
CE certification
  • Fully automated disinfection for patient bathrooms
  • Less  than 5-minute disinfection cycle after each patient bathroom use
  • Helps reduce pathogens responsible for nosocomial diseases
  • Disinfects 99.99% of nosocomial pathogens

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