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Exclusive Offer - 100$ off on select Sanuvox systems with installation


Receive $100 off for the installation of a Sanuvox system.

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Why choose Sanuvox UV air purifiers?

Attacks microparticles that get through most filters.

Medical grade air filters do an excellent job of capturing dust and other airborne debris. But what about those microscopic particles that put your health at risk?

Sanuvox systems target the smallest particles with 99.99% efficiency!

Helps protect against viruses and bacteria

The reality is there are over 1,000 microparticles that are able to get through even the most efficient air filter. Sanuvox systems take care of the viruses, bacteria and molds that can lead to health problems.

With our air safety solutions, you can breathe easier knowing we have your back.

Air safety that harnesses the power of the sun!

The sun produces rays that naturally helps protect our outdoor air. UVC rays attack and eliminate bacteria in a way that is safe for humans.

These are the very UV rays Sanuvox integrates in our chemical-free air purification solutions.

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Improve their air safety with Sanuvox’s UV air purifications solutions!

  • HVAC system and stand-alone solutions
  • Purifies 99.97% of bio-contaminants (airborne mold, viruses and bacteria)
  • Ideal for homes, schools, offices, hotels and more
$100 off your installation
Expiration Date – 12/31/2022
Coupon limited to 1 per household.
Coupon only valid with participating Contractor.