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Frequently Asked Questions


Homeowners: You can refer to our Dealer Locator to find a dealer near you. All dealers can buy our products through their local distributor.

Dealers: You can refer to our Distributor Locator to find a distributor near you, or you can contact your local distributor and find out about Sanuvox products.

An air filter is designed to collect particulates from the air (i.e. dust and dirt). Airborne contaminants, such as viruses, bacteria, mold, chemical agents, and VOCs pass through even a high efficiency filter, like sand through a tennis racket.

Sanuvox UV air purification systems are designed to destroy the DNA structure of microorganisms through purification, as well as change the molecular structure of contaminants through photo-oxidation, thus helping reduce both biological and chemical contaminants, including odors.

Sanuvox UV air purification systems are specially designed to purify the air, helping reduce bacteria, viruses and mold, thanks to patented Sanuvox UV process utilizing High Intensity T6 quartz lamps.

There are only thousandths of a second to deliver the sufficient UV dosage needed to destroy bio-chemical contaminants in the airstream. The Sanuvox process effectively and efficiently deliver the necessary UV dosage to deactivate contaminants.

The UV lamp is composed of a purifying part and an oxidizing part.

The purifying portion of the lamp breaks down viruses, bacteria, allergens, and micro-contaminants in the air. The UVC wavelength attacks the microorganism at the molecular level by deactivating its reproductive system.

The oxidizing portion of the lamp is very effective against odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Sanuvox sells both air purifiers and surface purifiers that help reduce mold, as well as hundreds of other microbial contaminants.

Sanuvox air purification systems are perfectly safe and are certified by: cQPSus, an international recognized laboratory tested and certified product(s) to CSA, UL and international standards.

Follow all installation and user instructions.

Electrical consumption varies according to residential models. Purifiers range from 17 Watts to 85 Watts.

Some Sanuvox models may produce residual ozone as a by-product of the UV-V wavelength (.0035 ppm.) The high-intensity UV lamp is approximately 95% UV-C (purifying non-ozone producing) and 5% UV-V (oxidizing producing residual ozone). The UV-C wavelength that makes up the vast majority of the UV lamp becomes a catalyst to reduce the residual ozone. All Sanuvox UV lamps are also available in UV-C only.


There are several Sanuvox models, from portable units, which only have to be plugged in, to in-duct systems, which require installation. We recommend you contact a qualified HVAC technician for installation of our in-duct systems.

In-duct models are designed to run 24 hours a day. They have either a sensor or are wired to the home’s ventilation system, which means they will only run when the fan is on.

Portable purifiers can be used 24/7 or when needed.

Besides replacing of the UV lamp as per the warranty, no other maintenance is required for Sanuvox UV air purification systems.

Our residential products have a 1 or 3-year warranty on lamps and 3 to 5-year on ballasts from the date of purchase.

Our commercial products have either a 1 or 2-year warranty on lamps and a 3 or 15-year on ballasts from the date of purchase.

Our medical products have either a 1 or 2-year warranty on lamps and a 3 or 5-year on ballasts from the date of purchase.

Any defective or damaged parts will be repaired or replaced. We do not issue credits. A proof of purchase will be required to proceed with the warranty.

During the warranty period we are committed to replacing the lamp if it fails. If you use your air purifier continuously, it is recommended to change the UV lamp after one year in order to enjoy all its benefits. If the air purifier is not used in continuous mode (for example, you turn it off when you leave your home), then you can change the lamp every two years


Yes, the 3 filters and the UV lamp are included with the delivery of the Biopür. You will simply need to follow the instructions provided and remove the filters from their plastic packaging.

When you place an order on our website, you can cancel without charge within 24 hours after receipt of the online purchase by our services. The order will be fully reimbursed by Sanuvox Technologies within a period of one week.

You can return your purchase within 10 days after receipt, providing the box and packaging have not been opened. The return freight will be at the customer’s expense.

Delivery usually takes up to 10 days within Canada and the USA. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service if you have not received your order after this timeline.

Yes, you can cancel without charge within 24 hours after receipt of the online purchase by our services. The order will be fully refunded by Sanuvox Technologies within a period of one week.

If you want to change your order, you will have to cancel it first before re-ordering.

Our customer service receives your order, which is then forwarded to our logistics department who prepares it as soon as possible and sends it to the address you have given for delivery.

You can pay with a credit card. In Canada with Visa, Mastercard, American Express; in the USA only with Visa and Mastercard.

Unfortunately you must use a credit card to process your purchase on the website.