World leader in natural air PURIFICATION

Why choose Sanuvox UV air purifiers?

Attacks microparticles that get through most filters.

Medical grade air filters do an excellent job of capturing dust and other airborne debris. But what about those microscopic particles that put your health at risk?

Sanuvox systems target the smallest particles with 99.99% efficiency!

Helps protect against viruses and bacteria

The reality is there are over 1,000 microparticles that are able to get through even the most efficient air filter. Sanuvox systems take care of the viruses, bacteria and molds that can lead to health problems.

With our air safety solutions, you can breathe easier knowing we have your back.

Air safety that harnesses the power of the sun!

The sun produces rays that naturally helps protect our outdoor air. UVC rays attack and eliminate bacteria in a way that is safe for humans.

These are the very UV rays Sanuvox integrates in our chemical-free air purification solutions.


I just wanted to let you know about the excellent customer service I experienced with Sanuvox. Customer service is handled directly by the president of the company, so he can stay in touch with customers and improve on their products and services. I think this is a rare policy in these days of big companies and overseas customer service centers. I recommend Sanuvox, their products and services.
Kerry B.
Pittsburgh, PA
I was having a lot of respiratory problems (mainly sneezing, coughing, general congestion) until my husband installed the Sanuvox R+, and it has changed my life! I know this unit is the reason why, as we shut it off last month to change a filter in our furnace but forgot to turn it on. Within 2 days I had the old symptoms. When the R+ was switched back on, everything went back to normal.
Sue C.
Montreal, QC
I recently purchased a Sanuvox portable air purifier for my home, a house in which the central air filtration system could not be installed. How effective! Some small odors tended to linger despite daily ventilation and this device completely eliminated them after about ten hours. It is very practical, easily transported from one room to another, takes up little space, makes a quiet noise. I highly recommend it.
Céline T.
Montreal, QC
Biopür, the air purifier from Sanuvox, is doing wonders for me. I suffer from allergies and asthma, and when I adopted my hypoallergenic kitten I still had allergic reactions. I was devastated at the idea of having to bring the kitten back to the cattery, but I was suggested to try the Biopür from Sanuvox. So I bought one and within 24 hours I felt so much better. I was able to keep my kitten and I'm very happy about it. I strongly recommend the Biopür from Sanuvox.
France D.
Montreal, QC
I wanted to thank you for the Sanuvox air purifier. Since we received it we have been breathing much better at home, especially with a new born baby."
Frédérique P.
Longueuil, QC
This air purifier works wonders. I have allergies and I breathe better. We're now fighting for who gets it at night in their room. It even clarifies the air in minutes after we open up my son's hockey bag, which is an excellent unexpected benefit!
Stéphanie J.
Montreal, QC
Hands down to the best air purifier on the market! I can stop looking for solutions and start breathing normally again.
François R.
Quebec, QC
I can testify about your products and how much it has changed the allergies of my grandson, who has no more repeated bronchitis since we installed a SR + from Sanuvox.
Sylvain R.
Montreal, QC
I’m removing viruses from the air with my new Sanuvox Biopür air purifier!
Jennifer M.
I bought the P900 a few months ago for the crawlspace of my house and I found that the mould stains have completely disappeared as well as a considerable decrease in the color of orange rust present in the pipes! Without any cleaning, only the p900 machine!
Montreal, QC