Oxford Property, 2017

The case

Removing sewage and wastewater odors from Oxford property in Toronto. 

The Problem

The building owner has to pump sewage and grey water up 40 feet to meet the city’s infrastructure. The odors from this room were being vented into the garage area, and as such were being sucked up by the elevator shaft to apartment floors. They were going to have to build a duct system to vent the garage area up 30 stories at a cost of $300,000 to vent the area properly.

Standard Garbage Room

Sanuvair® S300 OZD Odor Removal Unit

Sanuvox Customized Solution

Sanuvox introduced the SANUVAIR® S300 OZD into the space, complete with a hydroxyl controller that automatically reacts to a concentration of 0.025 ppm. 

This odor removal unit was able to recirculate the air continuously in front of the UVC and UVV lamps, thus preventing the proliferation of harmful bacteria and neutralizing bad odors emanating from garbage putrefaction.


The odor situation was removed in about a day and the customer spent about $7,000 vs $300,000 for the solution.

UAI Management LLC, October 2007

The case

UAI Management LLC purchased the SunTrust building on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach three years ago.

They wanted to make sure that the building’s air-handling system produced and circulated clean, fresh air, and operated at peak efficiency. But the assistant property manager and chief engineer quickly realized that there were problems with its filters and coil.


The Problem

The old Roll-O-Matic filter system with an oil base that was located on the roof of the building was very dirty, and the A/C coil was moldy as well. 

Although tenants didn’t complain because they had probably gotten used to poor IAQ, the air inside the SunTrust building never seemed quite right. There was a slight musty odor and the dust was everywhere. The coil and filters were cleaned twice a year, but it wouldn’t be long before mold would reappear.

IL Coil Cleaners mounted near / facing the coil.

Sanuvox Customized Solution

A series of high-performance filters would take away the airborne contaminants, but only UV would eliminate mold, bacteria and spores. Sanuvox Technologies recommended the installation of IL Coil Cleaners that shine on the coil 24/7, destroying bacteria, viruses, mold, chemicals, and their associated odors.

Sanuvox partnered with The Filtration Group, a filter manufacturer, and A-One Filters, which installs systems, to design a two-pronged strategy of treating the coil with the UV air purification technology and capturing the particulates with a series of energy-efficient filters. 

After sizing calculation, Sanuvox was able to determine the number of UV lamps that would be required for the system as well as the owner’s return on investment. This system would require five rows of four 40’’ UV IL CoilClean in line UV lamps, which were installed from top to bottom in front of the return side of the coil.


Tenants thanked the assistant property manager for being able to breathe cleaner air.

Because innovative technologies were used, the building earned not only LEED® certification but also won a prestigious national award for creating a cleaner, healthier indoor environment.