Smoking rooms and Tobacco Smoke

19 January 2017

Designated smoking areas althrough typically spared from working and living areas often cause problems with air that may very well circulate in and out of the designated areas. The smoking area itself may be overwhelmed with cigarette smoke causing smokers to seek alternative areas to smoke.


Sanuvox Technologies offers two UV/Filter stand alone / ducted models that are effective at removing tobacco smoke from the air and reducing odors as well as nicotine and smoke which is so problematic in these applications.


S300FX-GX UV/Filter System (200/300 CFM)*Available
S1000FX-GX UV / Filter System (1000 CFM)*Shown here



  • Unlike conventional technologies, Sanuvox UV systems do not use costly carbon for absorption, or rely solely on filters which easily becomes easily coated with tar & nicotine
  • The Sanuvox UV process changes the molecular structure of the tobacco smoke into a fine power which is then easily captured on the filter media
  • It is recommended that the UV systems be sized to provide a re-circulation rate of 6-8 air changes per hour.




OBJECTIVE: To re-circulate the air in a room where there are varying numbers of smokers, reducing odors, nicotine and smoke. Equipment producing 6-8 air changes per hour is required.


EQUIPMENT: Stand-alone 300 or 1000 cfm air purifiers that will include germicidal and oxidizing ultraviolet lamps, pre-filters and main filter to capture the nicotine and smoke. An optional VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) detector can be used with optional multiple lamps when the number of occupants increases.


Typical installation

OPERATION: Sanuvox Dual Zone UV lamp will reduce odors, nicotine and smoke in the air in the room through recirculation. With the optional UVV lamp(s) and VOC detector, if the smoke level increases (more smokers), the VOC detector will trigger the additional oxidizing lamp(s), then shut them off when the level decreases. The cycle is repeated, lowering the odor, nicotine and smoke levels, until the maximum reduction is reached.





Cigarette smoke is composed mainly of:

  • White ash
  • Nicotine molecules
  • Chemical by-products

Ash will be trapped by the pre-filters. Nicotine will be transformed into a type of yellow powder that will be captured by the pre-filters and the main filter. The chemical by-products will be oxidized by the UV process: high frequency UVV energy activates the organic molecules and accelerates the chemical reaction, resulting in the air being oxidized. Odors are oxidized by the process of photolysis that initiates the breaking of chemical bonds by the action of the ultraviolet light. The oxidation process will reduce odors and chemical contaminants by changing the complex molecular contaminants into CO2 and H2O


SIZING: Approximately 6 to 8 air changes per hour are required. This reduces the standard of fresh air required by two thirds.

  • An S300FX-GX unit (300 cfm) will be sufficient for a 1920 cu ft room (12’ X 20’ X 8’) – 9.3 changes per hour – Optional factory installed accessories (SUBKITVOCS300)
  • An S1000FX-GX (1000 cfm) will be sufficient for a 9600 cu ft room (20’ X 40’ X 10’) – 7.5 changes per hour – Optional factory installed accessories (SUBKITVOCS1000)



  • Reduced Odors and Smoke
  • No tar buildup in the unit – UV irradiation crystallizes the nicotine molecules
  • Low maintenance
  • Lamp replacement 1-2 years
  • Periodic filter replacement



  • Eldercare homes
  • Private homes
  • Poker rooms / Casinos
  • Bingo halls
  • Cigar bar
  • Smoking Rooms


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