From a Press Release on June 28, 2021:

Coretrust Capital Partners is setting the pace for office building air quality by installing Sanuvox patented Biowall MAX, an Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Air Disinfection system that sterilizes 99.9% of airborne bio-contaminants, in its properties in Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Pasadena. Sanuvox Technologies Inc., a global leader in ultraviolet air purification and based in Montreal, provides the most advanced and most effective in-duct UV air and coil sterilization systems available.

“Coretrust has gone above and beyond to protect building occupants at 2 Liberty Place in Philadelphia, FourFortyFour South Flower St. in Los Angeles, and PASARROYO in Pasadena. The system not only protects against the current pandemic virus but also from any future air transported contaminants,” said Keith Jordan, Sanuvox Vice President. “Our proprietary Biowall MAX system was sized specifically to fit their buildings to provide a single pass disinfection rate of 99.9%, virtually eliminating the HVAC system as a mode of virus transmission.”

Office air quality 99.9% free of pathogens at Coretrust buildings with powerful Sanuvox Biowall MAX technology.

Jordan emphasized that 2 Liberty Place, FourFortyFour and PASARROYO are the first office buildings in the Philadelphia and Los Angeles regions to implement these UVC systems. “Coretrust is clearly a leader in managing healthy office buildings and has raised the bar for other landlords throughout the USA,” Jordan added.

The Sanuvox systems are a primary factor in UL awarding its first-ever global UL Verified Healthy Buildings Mark for indoor air and water quality to all three properties.

Sanuvox UVC systems maximize exposure times for delivering the ultraviolet energy required for exceptionally high airborne disinfection rates. Numerous scientific studies underscore that viruses like COVID19 are deactivated by UVC.

The UVC light produced by Sanuvox systems are the same two wavelengths produced by the sun that clean the atmosphere. The UVC wavelength attacks micro-organisms on a molecular level deactivating and destroying contaminants.

According to Thomas S. Ricci, managing principal and co-founder of Coretrust, the firm has further enhanced indoor air quality at its properties by installing the highest effective MERV air filters, making frequent fresh air purges and allowing maximum fresh air ventilation throughout the day. In addition, he points out that Coretrust is the first landlord to provide continuous elevator air purification through bi-polar ionization generators atop each cab.

Coretrust also has added touchless Destination Dispatch to completely modernized elevators at all three properties that allow tenants to use security cards to call cars without touching buttons. Coretrust has further minimized touch points by adding automatic doors, touchless parking garage entry, touchless security access for visitors and touchless restroom fixtures.

Coretrust properties offer plentiful outdoor spaces such as plazas, terraces and gardens that encourage socially-distanced dining, meetings, social gatherings and even fitness activities by occupants. A major Coretrust innovation was hacking the curtain wall of the FourFortyFour tower to create a 1,000-square-foot loggia terrace that brings fresh air and sunlight into the 22,500-square-foot Workplace Innovation Lab on the sixth floor. Similar indoor terraces can be created for occupants at all our properties as desired, said Ricci.

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