Reducing Odors in Waste Rooms

Facilities, apartments and condominiums often suffer from odors from the garbage rooms that migrate from the holding area and are distributed up the elevator shaft or into the HVAC system

The stand-alone Sanuvair® S600 odor removal unit eliminates these problems by destroying biocontaminants, while controling the oxidation level that is produced beyond accepted levels. It removes chemical odors and biological odors.

The objective is to recirculate the air in a garbage room to reduce odors and bacteria while maintaining and monitoring the oxidation process.


This stand-alone UV air purifier incorporates a blower of 600 cfm, an aluminum mesh washable prefilter to capture particulates, 3 full UV-V oxidizing lamps, which are linked to an ozone detector with a concentration level of 0.025ppm.

Typical installation Sanuvair® S600:


The untreated air is drawn into the unit from the top of the garbage cans or containers and disinfected by the UV oxidizing lamps. The air is then exhausted above the entrance to the room, creating a curtain of clean air, insulating the room. The ozone controller samples the air every 70 seconds and will shut off one of the oxidizing lamps should the ozone concentration level exceed 0.025 ppm.

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