New Sanuvox Mobile UV Sterilization System for hospitals

Sanuvox releases the ASEPT.2X mobile UV sterilization system to help reduce nosocomial infections in hospital environments.

The ASEPT.2X mobile UV sterilization system uses a primary and secondary unit to sterilize high-touch surfaces with ultraviolet ‘C’ energy controlling (6 log reduction) drug-resistant microorganisms, such as MRSA and C. diff. in less than 10 minutes in a standard patient hospital room. The two-unit operation dramatically lowers the sterilization time typically associated with UV sterilization, while achieving exceptional deactivation rates by minimizing shadow areas through the use of the two-unit system.

Studies show that even with the best terminal cleaning practices, an operating or patient room can remain the source of many potential harmful drug-resistant microorganisms as manual cleaning effectively cleans less than 50% of surfaces. In the US it is estimated that HAIs (Hospital Acquired Infections) result in 1.7 million infections and 99,000 deaths costing the healthcare system between 28 to 33 billion dollars annually. Statistics show that one in every 20 patients admitted to a US hospital falls victim to an infection they contracted while there.

UV sterilization (UVC 254nm wavelength) has been used in hospitals for decades. Commercially available mobile UV systems are used to sterilize the patient room in the terminal cleaning process. However, the limitation to UV sterilization is that it is a “line-of-sight” technology. UV sterilization is ineffective in shadowed areas where the light cannot reach. This can include the other side of high-touched areas, such as a remote or call button or the other side of a bed or bed rail. As such, conventional UV systems require multiple positioning within a room to lessen the chances of shadow areas that block the sterilizing ability of the UV light. In doing so, time and resources are spent moving the system around the room and preparing the room for additional treatments.

The ASEPT.2X mobile UV sterilization system has been tested by ATS Labs in Minnesota (USA) to show a 99.9999% reduction in MRSA and C. diff. in less than 5 minutes around high-touched areas close to the patient bed, and under 10 minutes throughout the rest of the room. The ASEPT.2X is also being evaluated in one of the nation’s leading teaching hospitals.

The now readily available ASEPT.2X includes many firsts incorporated into a mobile system. Some features include a total of eight infrared motion detectors (360 degree protection around each of the two units) that will shut the units down should any personnel enter the room during the sterilization process. Wi-Fi communication between both primary and secondary units controlled and monitored by any smart device while logging all sterilization cycles.

According to Normand Brais, Ph.D., Founder and VP Engineering at Sanuvox, “The ASEPT.2X UV system helps eliminate the one limitation in UV sterilization, shadows. By maintaining a closer proximity to high-touched areas and reducing shadow areas by treating both sides of the patient bed and surrounding areas, Sanuvox is able to deliver an elegant solution in reducing HAIs while increasing productivity.” The idea is to make the ASEPT.2X easily accessible to virtually any medical facility looking to implement the system.

Although single UV systems can sell for well over US$100,000, Sauvox believes that with every unit in operation, it can save lives and wanted the systems priced right to do so. As such, a fully equipped two-unit ASEPT.2X system will sell for considerably less, making the unit readily available to most who are looking into the technology.”

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  1. I am looking for a portable UV unit that can sanitize a room that is approximately 800 square feet

    • For a house or commercial building ?

      • Sorry, I just saw it is for an hospital … is it?

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