Garbage rooms / Noxious Areas

18 January 2017

Facilities, apartments and condominiums often suffer from odors from the garbage rooms that migrate from the holding area and are distributed up the elevator shaft or into the HVAC system


The Sanuvox S300FX equipped with a Remote Oxidation Control will automatically tailor the amount of oxidation for each application destroying bio-chemical contaminants that are so troublesome for garbage rooms.


S300FX w/Remote Oxidation Control System



  • Reduce odors and chemicals
  • Destroy biological contaminants and biological odors
  • Stand-Alone / Wall-Mount / Duct-Mount
  • Remote Oxidation Control System (OCS) monitors residual ozone levels and controls the secondary Booster Oxidation Lamp (UVV) to maintain ozone levels at .025ppm




OBJECTIVE: Re-circulate the air in a garbage/trash room to reduce odors and bacteria while maintaining and monitoring the oxidation process.


EQUIPMENT: Stand-alone UV air purifier that incorporates a blower of either 300 or 1000 cfm, filters to capture particulates, one dual zone UVC/UVV lamp & one oxidizing UVV lamp, the latter controlled by an ozone detector set to a max ozone concentration level of 0.025


Typical installation S300FX-GX & SUBKITOZDS300



OPERATION: Untreated air is drawn into the unit from the top of the garbage cans or containers and treated by the UV germicidal and oxidizing lamps. The treated air is exhausted above the entrance to the room, creating a curtain of clean air, insulating the room. The ozone controller samples the air every 70 seconds and will shut off the oxidizing lamp should the ozone concentration level exceed 0.025 ppm.


SIZING: Approximately 6 to 8 air changes per hour are required.

  • A P900X-SP unit with an all UVV lamp will be required for an 800 cu ft room (10′ X 10′ X 8′). Since there is no ozone controller, the UVV lamp will be manually covered with foil for an acceptable ozone concentration.
  • An S300FX-GX unit (300 cfm) will be required for a 2400 cu ft room (15′ X 20′ X 10′). This relates to 6 air
    changes per hour. Factory installed accessory (SUBKITOZDS300) is also required.
  • An S1000FX-GX unit (1000 cfm) will be required for a 9600 cu ft (24’ X 40’ X 10’). This relates to 6.25 air
    changes per hour. Factory installed accessory (SUBKITOZDS1000) is also required.


  • Substantially reduces odors
  • Low maintenance
    • Lamp replacement 1-2 years
    • Periodic filter replacement
    • Controller Recalibration not required for 3 years
  • Low cost compared to air conditioning the space (for odor control)


Download Application pdf file
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