Disinfecting Locker Rooms and Bathroom Odors

Lockers room odors are the result of perspiration which is excreted by the sweat glands in our skin. Sweat itself is not the source of the odor, but rather the off-gassing of the bacteria which feeds on sweat. The source of this unpleasant off-gassing can be found on occupants, clothes, towels and equipment as well as other soft materials.

The Sanuvair® S300 air purification system with HEPA filter is the ideal solution to reduce and elimitate unpleasant odors, such as in locker room and bathrooms. The proprietary Sanuvox process sterilizes and oxidizes bacteria, viruses, chemicals and odors, dramatically improving the air quality.

As stand-alone units, the P900 is equipped with a blower of 80 cfm, the Sanuvair®S300 with a blower of 300 cfm, and the Sanuvair® S1000 with a blower of 1000 cfm. Filters (except on the P900) capture particulates (pet hair, etc.) while the dual zone UV-C/UV-V “adjustable” lamp disinfects the air.

The Sanuvair® S300 unit can be used as a stand-alone with optional intake and exhaust louvers or ducted using an 8-inch flexible duct with optional collars.


Untreated air is drawn into the inlet of the unit, purified with the germicidal / oxidation UV lamp, filtered and then exhausted. Recirculating the air in the room continuously reduces bacteria and odors, improving overall air quality.


Approximately 6 to 8 air changes per hour are required.

A P900 unit (80 cfm) with a dual zone UV-C/UV-V lamp will be required for a 1,200 cu.ft. room (15’ X 10’ X 8’).

A Sanuvair® S300 unit (300 cfm) with a dual zone UV-C/UV-V lamp will be required for a 4,500 cu.ft. room (25’ X 20’ X 10’). Collars can be ordered to duct the unit using an 8-inch diameter duct, or an intake and exhaust louver grill(s), if the unit will be used as a stand-alone system.

A Sanuvair® S1000 unit (1000 cfm) with a dual zone UV-C/UV-V lamp will be required for a 15,000 cu.ft. room (50’ X 20’ X 15’). The system uses 2 x 8 inch inlets and 2 x 8 inch exhaust outlets (collars).

The unit should be positioned near the center of the room to be as effective as possible. Excluding the P900 unit, the two other units can be installed in the plenum above the ceiling or in an adjoining room and ducted with 8-inch round duct.

All Sanuvox air purification systems are equipped with a dual zone “J” UV-C/UV-V lamp. All dual zone lamps have a maximum oxidizing UV-V section in order to minimize residual ozone. In situations where odors are more concentrated, it is possible to outfit the units (except in the P900 unit) with special lamps incorporating a larger section of oxidation, with the installer making the final odor adjustments on site.

Many buildings and facilities can be equipped with one of the stand-alone units, like team sport locker rooms, dressing rooms, fitness centers, laundry rooms and storage, or basements.

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  1. I am the Superintended of Mtn. Pine School district in Arkansas. I am looking at purchasing about 7 locker room air purifiers. Can you help me decide what I need to purchase?

    • Hello,
      Thank you for your interest in our company and its products. I will transfer your request to the sales rep in your area you will contact you.

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