Coil Cleaning: Mold & Bio-Film/ Improve Efficiency

19 January 2017

Because of environmental factors, evaporator coils are the ideal breeding ground for bio-contaminants & source of many issues that affect a building’s Indoor Air Quality. Bio-contaminants such as mold & bio-film insulate the coils fins restricting airflow and reducing heat transfer capability. The insulation of the coils fins causes the system to work harder resulting in a loss of equipment efficiency. The ‘’blow-off’’ of mold and odors causes these contaminants to be released into the building.


The Sanuvox UV CoilClean IL is specially designed to direct virtually 100% of the UVC germicidal energy onto the coil preventing mold & bio-film from growing on the coil and surrounding areas.


UV CoilClean IL



  • The patented UV CoilClean IL incorporates a High-Intensity UVC germicidal Lamp and an Anodized Aluminium Parabolic Reflector to direct the UV light onto the coil
  • Available in sizes from 12’’ – 60’’ lengths. Any number of units can work together to treat any size evaporator coil
  • Each UV CoilClean IL includes: Ballast box w/ LED Status Display (monitors system performance), dry contact for building automation integration, UV Lamp Moisture Boot and mounting hardware




OBJECTIVE: To destroy mold & bio-film on the evaporator coil and surrounding areas and to limit the spread of pollutants distributed by the HVAC systems. Maintain peak system efficiency, lower energy costs & reduce conventional coil cleaning as well as eliminating biological “blow-off” & odors that can be introduced into the building or facility as a result of a fouled coil.


EQUIPMENT: Sanuvox IL Coil Clean Object Purifiers for HVAC coils utilizes a patented technology to focus the maximum UV energy on any surface. The patented anodized aluminum parabolic reflector serves two purposes:

  • 1. Redirects the maximum amount of UV energy produced by the lamp onto the coil surface, requiring less or shorter lamps and fixtures
  • 2. Protects the UV lamp from fouling



OPERATION:Prolonged exposure to UV radiation will keep the air conditioning coil clean and free of bio-contaminants, including viruses, fungi, bacteria & bio-film that may grow on the coil. Maintaining a coil free of microbial growth will maximize the efficiency of coil heat transfer and reduce the hours of operation of the compressors, resulting in lower energy costs.


UVC GERMICIDAL PRINCIPLE: The 254nm UVC wavelength is well documented for its germicidal properties. The effects of ultraviolet radiation on biological contaminants have also been included in the latest ASHRAE Handbooks. Generally, this relationship is similar to the absorption curve of nucleic acid (DNA) the basis of all living organisms. The germicidal destruction rate for any specified bio-contaminant can be greater than 99.9% as the maximum UV intensity produced by the UV lamp is directed onto the coil and each application is sized according to its requirements.



  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Low maintenance-requires lamp replacement after 17,000 hours or 2 years of operation
  • Improved air quality
  • Remote monitoring electronics



  • Commercial buildings, High Rise
  • Facilities such as schools & universities
  • Medical facilities
  • Restaurants & Hospitality


Download Application pdf file
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