The case

This grower has 3 grow rooms in which he produces cannabis. The air system in each room is 5 tons (2,000 cfm). There are also fans all over the peripheral of the rooms to move the air around.

The Problem

Production was always infected with powdery mildew, botrytis and fusarium. These spores would spread on a few plants, therefore contaminating the rest of the plants through air flow.
It was becoming an issue with profitability, as the infected cannabis plants had to be discarded of.

Indoor Cannabis Facility


GC-Quattro UV Air Purifier

Sanuvox Customized Solution

After sizing calculation, it was proposed to install a GC QUATTRO unit in each return of each air handler. Because one of the owners was an HVAC contractor, the installation was a pretty simple task. Low maintenance of the units was also considered. In between production, the rooms were cleaned thoroughly, and the fans blades disinfected from all the dust settlings.


Two months later, the owner reported a full harvest in his 3 rooms, with almost no powdery mildew. He also noticed that all the fans alongside the walls no longer contained a sticky film build up on the blades. So they no longer require to be wiped down with alcohol.

The grower has launched a new larger facility in the northern part of Ontario: every unit will be equipped with SANUVOX technologies.

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