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Sanuvox is proud to extend to you the opportunity to become a Sanuvox Factory Authorized Dealer (FAD). Sanuvox products are heralded as the benchmark to which all other UV technology is compared to. Sanuvox sets the standard in quality, performance and support. We are looking for dealers with that same passion & drive to become a leader in their very own Indoor Air Quality market.


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  • A comprehensive support team. Your local Sanuvox Sales Manager will personally handle your account.
  • You will receive regular updates from our Sanuvox Sales Coordinator who is also personally responsible for the FAD’s needs.
  • Customer referrals.
  • Discount on FAD Starter Pack. The starter pack includes two Sanuvox UV Purifiers. A P900GX which should be used as a demonstration model illustrating to your customer how effective the Sanuvox process can be and a second unit of your choice.




Binder, 200 Residential Brochures, 50 Commercial Brochures, 3 spiral Flip-Charts, 2 Truck Decals, Sanuvox Pen, Sanuvox Cap and UV Lamp Tester.

Upon purchasing 25+ Sanuvox units (within 1 year) you will automatically become a Sanuvox Elite Dealer*. The Elite tier allows you to take advantage of all the FAD benefits plus:

  • No charge spare part kit (6.5 & 10.5 UV “J” Lamp, vacuum sensor & ballast)
  • The Sanuvox Elite bi-monthly e-newsletter
  • Sanuvox exclusive pre-season specials (pre-heating / pre-cooling)
  • Sanuvox year end cash-back rebate
  • Up to 3% cash-back. See sign-up sheet for more details


* Upon purchasing 25 Sanuvox units, contact Sanuvox at 1-888-726-8869 for inclusion into the Elite Program. To maintain ELITE DEALER status a minimum purchase of 25 units/year is required purchased through your local Sanuvox Distributor.

We have four Sanuvox UV Sterilizers installed in our premise in #2 first Canadian Place in Toronto for our Information Systems dept. approx. 10,000 sq. ft. This was done because of a recent article on the Sick Building Syndrome. We were doing office renovations and thought this would be a good opportunity to try this technology. We found within days of the installation that the air quality seemed to improve and it did eliminate the ambient smells of the new carpet and paint. The air smelled better. We also found that in the first winter season we seemed to have lower incidents of people being off work with colds or flu.

Scott A.

Sr. Hardware Specialist / Facilities Coordinator
Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE)