I have spent a lot of money over the years on pharmaceutical grade air purifiers. None of them add up to this Sanuvox, I am truly amazed with this product. I have been sick for many years with a mild case of Cystic Fibrosis, severe asthma and chronic allergies, 7 sinus surgeries in 9 yrs. due to polyp growth filling my sinus cavities from these allergies.

When I read about the 3rd party research that was done on the Sanuvox, it made me decide to purchase it, and it’s the best money I have ever spent. Just recently there was some construction work done on the house and I thought I would have to leave for a few days but with this Sanuvox air purifier I was able to stay. My asthma has been controlled all night while I sleep, this is also rare because for years I have been getting up and taking medication so that I could sleep without wheezing.

Even though you can hook it up to the furnace, I don't really want to because, I would want to take it with me wherever I go in the future.

- Wendy L.

My children have not had a runny nose since the Sanuvox installation. They both used to live with running noses and coughing all the time. Doctors attributed their chronic symptoms to indoor air quality.

- Brandon W.

Doctors stated his condition was due to allergies, which could lead to a much more serious condition-pneumonia. Having the Sanuvox air purifier installed has made such a difference for him…much to the doctor’s amazement; his cold-like symptoms have disappeared.

- Erika S.

Our daughter was born almost 3 months premature, with underdeveloped lungs. She has allergies and is highly susceptible to upper respiratory infections. Since the installation of the Sanuvox purifier her cold-like symptoms have disappeared.

- Haley W.

Having been in the HVAC trade for over 17 years and starting my own company I saw a need for a product that was unique and effective. I purchased the first Sanuvox unit for myself. I had it installed into my own home and then it happened…I woke up and thought something was wrong with me. What was happening was that the air was being purified and I was breathing fully through my nose at night with no congestion, the air quality so greatly improved that my unknown allergies were disappearing…I have no problem selling these products to my customers and have received nothing but admiration for the product. I am planning to sell these units for many years not only because they work but also because they make people live healthier lives.

- Ron H.

…I would sneeze often, had difficulty to breathe, especially in the morning. I had to take a Benadryl pill every day to help me. Since the installation of the Sanuvox unit, my allergy symptoms have been reduced significantly. I take a Benadryl pill only twice a week and I sometimes go a 10 full days before I take a pill. An interesting note to share. This summer, my allergy symptoms came back as if there were no Sanuvox unit installed in the house. After verification, my husband found the filter was completely blocked not letting air through. We changed the filter. Now that the air passes through the Sanuvox, again, I feel much better.

- Francine T.

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