Before installing the UV Bio-Wall, breathing was very difficult in this wing due to mold spores in the air. In November we experienced a compressor failure in the 30 ton A/C unit cooling one wing of the hospital. At this time the building was empty, so we decided to postpone replacing the compressor. This was a big mistake! Being in Florida and the high humidity, it only took a couple of weeks for the mold and mildew to take over. It was all over the walls, ceiling and the spaces above the dropped ceiling.

We had to wear masks when in this area. In just 3 days after the Sanuvox UV Bio-Wall was installed the wing smelled fresh. The mold and mildew disappeared in just a few days, and has not returned. That was over 6 months ago…To our surprise, 2 weeks later we got a bonus. We started to find a large amount of insects dying all over the wing. It was due to the Sanuvox system. The insects were feeding on the mold and mildew. When their food source died so did the bugs.

- Gil L.
Building Supervisor
Charter Springs Hospital

We have four Sanuvox UV Sterilizers installed in our premise in #2 first Canadian Place in Toronto for our Information Systems dept. approx. 10,000 sq. ft. This was done because of a recent article on the Sick Building Syndrome. We were doing office renovations and thought this would be a good opportunity to try this technology. We found within days of the installation that the air quality seemed to improve and it did eliminate the ambient smells of the new carpet and paint. The air smelled better. We also found that in the first winter season we seemed to have lower incidents of people being off work with colds or flu.

- Scott A.
Sr. Hardware Specialist / Facilities Coordinator
Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE)

We figured it (P900GX) would be just like everything else we have tried and the promises that were made on the units never materialized. We decided to give the unit a good test. We have a repeat guest who smokes cigars regularly. He stays with us 4 or 5 days per week. The room has a heavy odor of cigar and all we have been able to do is mask it. Nothing seemed to get rid of it. We put the Sanuvox to use on Friday. On Sunday before his arrival I personally went to get the machine. I was very surprised in a day and a half the odor was 99% gone. The room would have been acceptable to any guest. We do not sell this room, it’s “his room”. I am sure that with weekly use of this machine upon his checkout we could keep it fresh and sellable.

- Katherine Z.
Executive Housekeeper
Quality Hotel

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