Sanuvox research takes a broad approach in the study of UV Purification, borrowing on many disciplines. Sanuvox’s Research & Design Team are made up of Scientists, PhD's, Engineers, and experts in Air Quality and Air Management.

Del Monte Sanuvox UV air quality testing of yeast & mold counts

The testing showed "significant" reduction in TCP and yeast and mold count in air samples of the raw material storage and handling areas. Within 3-6 hours of operationTCP and yeast and mold counts dropped from 108 and 46 to zero count for both.

Penn State Sanuvox UV Object Cleaner testing

The Sanuvox UV CoilCleaner has been tested by Penn State University and has shown to destroy 99% of spore forming B. Subtilis in less than 3.27 minutes at a distance of 18” at an air-flow of approx. 500 fpm.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) & National Homeland Security Research Center (NHSRC) testing on Sanuvox UV Bio-Wall Ultraviolet Air Purifier

The researcher team chose to test a cross-section of contaminants, they chose a bacterial spore (surrogate for anthrax spore) and the Sanuvox UV Bio-Wall 50” achieved a 93% destruction on one pass, a viral bacteria (MS2) which the UV Bio-Wall achieved a 99% destruction on one pass and a bacteria which we achieved greater than 99.97% destruction on one pass.

McGill University 2 Year Double Blind Study published in The Lancet

Sanuvox UV Purifiers showed:

99% reduction of microbial and endotoxin concentrations
40% reduction in respiratory symptoms
20% reduction in all symptoms

Natromed - Vancouver

Mold within the medical facility to be 1 to 3 orders of magnitude lower (10 times to 1000 times).

Pure Air Control Services - Florida

The Capistrano Unified School District reduces Indoor Air contaminants by 66% using Sanuvox Ultraviolet Air Purifier.

Montreal Chest Institute - Montreal

90% reduction of tuberculoses in the Sputum Induction Room

Air Care Technologies Inc. - Kansas

Mold levels dropped 100%; pollen levels dropped 100%; skin cell levels dropped 99%; cellulosic levels dropped 99%; opaque particles dropped 99%; and volatile organic chemical levels dropped 50%.

Contex Industrial Environmental Hygiene LTD. - Montreal

Case Studies on the Effects of Ultraviolet Air Purification on the Air Quality in Hospitals and Clinics

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